weiler. Tilting Table Lines

  • For the production of large precast concrete products with cut-outs, as well as smaller moulded elements
  • Best heat transfer and rapid curing with thermo-accu-system
  • Optimized concrete compaction with normal and high frequency vibration
  • Full set of professional options and accessories, including moulds, magnets, built-in units etc.
Hydraulic Tilting Table Lines
Maximum Flexibility. Easy Handling.

On weiler tilting table lines, you can produce individual large wall panels with window and door cut-outs as well as slim columns and beams, parapets, trusses, etc. Several tilting tables are placed in a long line allowing a railed concrete distributor to run over the tables spreading the concrete into the shuttered areas. When using several table lines an overhead concrete distributor over-spans all lines. Before spreading the concrete into the shuttered areas, all built-in units, electrical conduit and terminal boxes, piping, lifting hooks, anchors and connecting loops, etc. are precisely positioned with magnets or adhesive.