Turnkey Precast Concrete Plants

For decades, Weiler has been the leading representative for the development and realization of complete turn-key precast plants

Each of these factories is an individual solution customised ALL from a single source, streamlined and handled by our proficient engineers, who have developed client projects based on their ideas for years. With the construction and combination of the best available individual machines and complete systems, they achieve the optimum ecological, economical, and ergonomical solution, allowing to achieve the best result for man, environment, and machine with optimized productivity and a financial short return on investment.

The turn-key concrete precast plant consists of the correct integration of single machines into a whole working system. Keeping the latter in mind, it is important for individual components to be synchronized in order to achieve a maximum productivity and return on investment.

“The weakest link of a chain allows the entire system to stand strong!" (Matthias Holzberger, owner and CEO)

Uniform controls, the same electrical circuit equipment in the various machines, and identical, systematic mechanics hydraulic systems ensure efficient operations and maintenance. As a consequence, operation costs can be reduced signifi-cantly.

“The entire concrete plant becomes a uniform working system.”


"Keep it as easy as possible - do it as difficult as necessary."