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Company founder Herbert Holzberger
Company founder Herbert Holzberger


Established in 1954 near Frankfurt by Herbert Holzberger, the German family-owned business Weiler looks back on a heritage of experience.

More than 200 complete turnkey plants and single systems have already been built by Weiler.





The first slipformer was developed in the 1950´s for the production of prestressed concrete beams, widely used in southern Europe. In 1962 the first slipformer for the production of prestressed floor slabs was designed and used worldwide with great success. With the innovation of modern extruder systems in the 80´s, a further milestone was reached by allowing a huge reduction of raw material used during the production of top class concrete hollow core slabs.


In 1993 Weiler obtained its own licence for prestressed floor slabs, the system called VARIOPLUS, through the German Institute for Construction Technology in Berlin and is thus approved by a certified structural standard in Germany.

Due to worldwide expansion, Weiler has advanced from a machine builder to a turn-key supplier of complete precast concrete plants.

In 2003 Matthias Holzberger developed the MAX-truder® extrusion-machine system, which would continue to dominate the market for the coming years.
The weiler MAX-truder® features easily exchangeable modules, which can be rapidly changed to produce a range of precast slabs and panels.

The first fully mobile precast production plant is operational since 2010 and represents a further milestone on the path of efficient precast concrete production. Flexibility in production location, fast payback, modular expansion, and increased capacity make the mobile plant the perfect starter kit for hollow core slab production. Such a plant can be put into operation with a daily capacity of between 120 – 1000 m².

The current focus of development is the Rheinland Concrete Building Systems, an innovative technology for low-cost mass housing construction.